Top Collier County Public Elementary Schools

Top 10 Public Elementary Schools in Naples, Florida

Collier County Public School District is ranked 5th in the state by the Florida Department of Education! The ranking moved the school district up 9 spots from last year and 28 spots from 2011! The Collier County School District is 1 of 11 out of 67 to earn an A rating! Results were determined by the schools’ standardized test results, graduation rates, and college and career readiness . District programs include: engineering, entrepreneurship and the Cambridge Program, as well as many districtwide competitions—proving that education is about more than tests. The highest-ranked Naples public elementary school was Seagate Elementary. ranks Naples public elementary schools based on student test scores and progress compared to other state schools. Here’s a list of homes for sale near the top 3 schools in the district; enjoy browsing beautiful homes near excellent schools!

Naples Public Elementary Schools

  1. Seagate ElementaryHomes near Seagate
  2. Laurel Oak ElementaryHomes near Laurel Oak
  3. Vineyards ElementaryHomes near Vineyards
  4. Pelican Marsh Elementary
  5. Osceola Elementary
  6. Veterans Memorial Elementary
  7. Lake Park Elementary
  8. Mason Classical Academy
  9. Naples Park Elementary
  10. Corkscrew Elementary

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